The top K-Pop producing company SM Entertainment’s youngest male group NCT Dream are back with a new flavor. Their young and cute image has turned into matured urban teens in their new music video “Go”.

Consisting of 7 members, NCT Dream are the little brother group showcasing the youngest members of the complete NCT who debuted in 2017 with Chewing Gum. Filled with colour, sweets a very bright and cheerful music video. A song to suit their youthful and innocent faces. It’s quick to fill our hearts with joy as their adorable faces fill the screen.


Before debut all the members of NCT started off as SM entertainment’s “SM Rookies” who have been in the public eye being promoted and performing occasionally at SM Town’s big events since 2013. I myself was fortunate enough to see them live when they were still children at just 13 and 11 years old during SMTown week and SMTown in Seoul in 2014 already full of talent and potential. Long time K-Pop fans like myself have watched them progress into teenagers with high skill in both vocals and dancing.

The new music video and track of NCT Dream’s “Go” has much darker and rebellious teenager themes suggesting a more mature and grown up side of the 7 boys.

Since last year SM has gone with the retro trend of the 80s and 90s starting with SHINee’s One of One for most of their groups. “Go” also has a retro 90s feel with the old school boy band outfits and handheld camera/homemade movie editing.

The sound of the song is a modern electronic track with an awesomely produced beat. Crisp and high quality cameras worth millions film motion with ease, always produce top viewing content and artistic Music Videos. Wisely chosen scenery in abandoned car parks, train stations and buildings under construction, NCT Dream take you on an adventure through the city streets.

Even though the music sounds modern it also gives me a older SM Entertainment sound and feeling from around the 2005/2006 or even a little before eras.

NCT Dream’s “GO” currently at over 3,600,000 views is showing they have evolved into something impressive and popular. Definitely worth the watch and I can’t wait to see them blossom into one of Asia’s top groups in the future.

Watch here:


Article by Emily Meagher

Twitter: @yunrhino

Credit video: SM town Official Youtube


[REVIEW] Blizzard adds Moira to main Overwatch servers. My review.

Yes I’m an Overwatch fan! Like millions of people in 2017. I started playing on Christmas day 2016 (best gift ever lol). The most addictive video game i’ve played since any of The Sims releases. I’m usually not really into shooter games but Overwatch is so very different.

It’s so artistically beautiful, and made in a way that you feel accomplished while playing it. Even if you’re like me and not great at it, I still feel joy and excitement while playing and immersing myself into these amazing characters Blizzard has created for us. I will leave my mains and my rank information for another post. Today I just want to talk about the newest addition to the Overwatch hero family, Moira.


She is absolutely visually stunning with long slender delicate features, bright orange hair and an alien witch like attire.

Moira O’Deorain is a scientist who was shunned for many years for her practices and has a very dark storyline all of the overwatch heroes have very complex histories and it makes the game so much more than a game.

Blizzard first introduced Moira at 2017’s Blizzcon earlier this month, she was then put onto the PTR (Public Test Region) which I was unaware of until last week some time and so I loaded it up and enjoyed so very much testing out Moira against other players for the first time.

Her mechanics can be a little bit difficult to get used to at first she is kind of like a symmetra combined with a zenyatta (the best I can describe). It took me a few rounds of No Limits until I started getting some highlights in my reel lol. Here is a video of me testing her out will give you an idea of her epic abilities.


Today she was released onto the main servers. (So I know what i’m doing for the weekend lol) Big Overwatch weekend upcoming due to being able to trial it/play for free. Please everyone if you haven’t played it give it a go, you’ll love it.


I would really love to get to a stage where I am comfortable playing Moira, I feel like she will be the most difficult healer to master though and It will take a long time before I will be comfortable playing her in ranked anytime soon.

Artistically and visually she is one of my favorite heroes. Definitely my favorite of the new characters since I’ve been playing. (Can’t for my life play doomfist lol)

Hope something somewhere releases some kind of figure of her gets released at some point I would love to add it to my small but growing Overwatch collection. (Will show in an upcoming post).

Nice job Blizzard! Thank you for such an amazing game. I love Moira.

[REVIEW] [KPOP] TVXQ – Heliophilia Photobook Review


About a month ago no words could describe just how excited I was when I heard the release announcement of TVXQ’s new photobook Heliophilia. A little while later we got the teaser images and the cover image flooding our twitter timelines and it has such a beautiful summer look with a bright yellow cover. So perfect for me since Australia is heading into summer now which is my all time favourite season ♥♥. So really it’s the perfect concept. I ordered it instantly (I always do a few days of price comparisons across all the websites). I came to the conclusion that a seller of GMarket was the cheapest with EMS shipping it seemed to be a fair price. It’s a dollar cheaper on HMV Japan but I would have had to wait longer to get it delivered to me which I’m impatient so I just ordered it from GMarket. Unfortunately a day after it released I got an email notification that I needed to pay more shipping (A lot more shipping) couldn’t very well decline so I just had to pay it but had I known this would occur I would have just ordered it from HMV Japan lol.

I waited a week and It finally arrived. It felt like a lifetime because I was way too excited and had been anticipating this photobook for a long time after the rumored Thailand photobook existed. I had to do some errands before going to the post office that day, when I arrived home I head into my room to open it right away (Also to make sure it’s not damaged). I pulled it out of the box and it’s love at first sight (lol) a beautifully elegant yellow box with the heading down the side. Really is stylish to display on my shelf and I feel like I will have it here all summer at least.

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I opened the plastic carefully and opened the box which has the photobook on top in the box. TVXQ in cool summer outfits looking stunning as ever. As to be expected there are many shirtless photos of Changmin and his well sculpted abs and an abundance of Yunho in shorts complimenting his horse thighs lol.


I did notice some white blank pages which I saw some other fans complaining about and I don’t think there is a lot of variety of photos but I think the printing quality is up to my standards. Of course their Japanese photobooks “Stay” are of better and higher quality but that’s to be expected of Japanese printing (Tip never buy Taiwanese printed goods they will be bad quality).I have a large collection of Korean printed photobooks and they always seems to not be as good quality but I’m not going to complain because they delivered nice photos and so much fan service which is more than I can ever ask for (Thanks TVXQ).

As an added bonus along with the photobook inside the box is also a poster (I won’t use this) 2 handwritten printed letters from the two with cute photo cards inside (only opened Changmin’s I don’t want to damage the stickers on them lol) and a behind the scenes DVD which is everything a TVXQ fangirl could ask for. It has a little over 30 minutes of footage from their cute vacation together enjoying the surroundings and interesting activities like eating hamburgers (Yunho’s English, I almost needed CPR) Swimming in the ocean, many cafe and bar dates (lol), fishing, shopping and being dorks in a jeep. I keep the dvd in a little plastic CD case because I know I’m going to be watching this a hell of a lot until I get sick of it. It’s difficult to get it in and out of the box all the time.

Overall I think this is a much needed item in a TVXQ collection and I’m happy with my purchase even though it cost so much to get to me. (No regrets) I can’t wait to see them again in 2017 and 2018. I’m literally counting down the days to their return and they can bless our ears again with their singing, eyes with their dancing and fill our hearts with joy once again. Yay!

If you want to see more TVXQ fangirling from me follow me on my twitter account @YunRhino